JetMaster – Photo Wrap

JetMaster Photo Wrap – from Innova

JetMaster Photo Wrap

JetMaster Photo Wrap: Gallery Wraps in Minutes

The biggest seller in today’s art and décor markets is the gallery wrap: stand-out images for the home and office, in-store displays and trade fair stands. Assembling a stretched canvas require specialist skills and time but with JetMaster everything can be wrapped up in minutes. The JetMaster base is a pre-cut, pre-laminated corrugated board. Press your print down and smooth, fold in the edges of the board  – and hang. No bubbles, no untidy corners, no staples and no hooks. A fully assembled JetMaster gallery wrap is so light it can be hung from just one tack. Remember, JetMaster boards are made from mostly recycled content and are fully recyclable. The sturdy corrugated board construction ensures prints don’t bow or sag over time.


How it Works


Step 1: Start by preparing your 8.5×11″ printed image and the JeMaster frame. Use ‘canvas matte’ or similar media setting in your printer driver.


Step 2: Peel the release liner from the adhesive backing.


Step 3: Position the image taking care to align it correctly with the first set of perforated edges. Then press it to the exposed adhesive.


Step 4: Turn JetMaster over and apply pressure across the entire surface area to ensure uniform contact between the print and the adhesive.


Step 5: Trim the triangular excess corner material and discard.


Step 6: Fold the precut flaps inward to create the side section of the frame. Press the adhesive side section and tabs firmly down.


Step 7: While folding the precut flaps inward, tuck the corner of the print into the print.


Step 8: Use the supplied sticky pads to secure the corners.


Step 9: Now your JetMaster frame is nearly complete.


Step 10: Take the backing board and fold the edges to create a box. Place the box in the back of the frame, sticking the edges to the exposed adhesive.


Step 11: If required, fold out the stand for display purposes .


Step 12: Enjoy your JetMaster!


JetMaster Photo Wrap

JetMaster Photo Panel