JetMaster – Photo Panel

JetMaster Photo Panel – from Innova

JetMaster Photo Panel

Frame-free simplicity

Looking for a simple and effective way to mount and display photographs? Choose the JetMaster Photo Panel – an elegant, frame-free block mount for the desktop, counter or wall that’s as simple to make as pressing ‘Print’.

The 1” thick JetMaster Photo Panel is lightweight and robust. Finished with a black trim edge, it’s available in a wide range of sizes. It couldn’t be easier to assemble your JetMaster Photo Panel. Take your print and position it carefully on the adhesive surface of the panel. Press down. Insert the desk stand supplied or hang. A take-home solution for customers you can have ready in minutes.


How it Works

JetMaster Photo Panel

Step 1: Peel back a small section of the release liner.

JetMater Photo Panel

Step 2: Place the photo panel into the alignment frame and fold back part of the release liner.


Step 3: Position your image using the alignment frame.


Step 4: Secure a corner of your print using the area of adhesive you exposed earlier.


Step 5: Remove the rest of the release liner and apply even pressure using a roller.


Step 6: Place your photo panel face down on a cutting mat and use a rotary cutter or craft knife to remove the excess paper from the edges.


Step 7: Insert the desk stand into one of the pre drilled holes on smaller frames or use the slits on the back of larger frames to display your finished photo panel.


JetMaster Photo Panel Tools Alignment Tools and Jet Master Rollers are all available.

>>Download the full instructions (PDF)

JetMaster Photo Panel

JetMaster Photo Panel