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Kentmere is one of the world’s leading B&W paper manufacturers, committed to offering the highest standards of product and service.

Kentmere, a British based and owned company, believes in working in partnership with its customers.
Kentmere is developing new products to meet the evolving needs of our customers – without losing sight of our customers’ need for a comprehensive range of traditional papers.

October 2007
Two leading names in photographic and inkjet products join forces.

HARMAN technology Limited, the company behind ILFORD PHOTO and HARMAN PHOTO, has announced the addition of Kentmere Photographic Limited to its business.

Following the buy-out, HARMAN is keen to stress that the Kentmere brand will remain relatively unchanged. It will continue to offer the same resin coated and fibre based monochrome papers and inkjet products, including Opaljet, whilst employing the same marketing approach.

The key difference will be that the Kentmere brand will now enjoy the benefits of being backed by a larger organisation. In particular, the brand will have access to the additional expertise and investment, as well as the established export channels (to markets such as the United States), to take its success further.

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