Photoshop Typography: Elements of the Character Panel- Part 2

Photoshop Typography

Master the elements of type using Photoshop’s Character panel – faux styles, OpenType options, anti-aliasing, and more!

It’s easy to identify what makes bad typography so bad.

We’ve all had to shield our eyes from the burning glare of a website with bright red italicized Comic Sans font.

Identifying what makes good typography good is quite a bit harder because there are so many factors and tools to consider.

In light of this, I’ve started the “Photoshop Typography” series to help you master the elements of typography in Photoshop.

In last week’s post, I explained some of the tools available in the Character panel such as leading, kerning, tracking, and more.

This week, I will go over the additional type controls in the Character panel by exploring the Faux Styles, OpenType options, and more.

Heads up before we get started: We’ve put together a printable compilation of all 3 parts of “Photography Kit Essentials.” Download it here.

photoshop character panel faux styles

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