Quartz Laminate Film: Application, Examples, and Benefits

Quartz Laminate Film

Introducing Quartz Laminate – how to apply the film, examples of finished pieces, benefits of using it with Allure Photo Panels, and more!

We’re taking our aqueous direct-to-surface Allure Photo Panels to the next level with a new product called Quartz Laminate Film.

Quartz is a clear polyester with a solvent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to allow you to:

  1. Achieve amazing depth and crisp detail in your prints
  2. Protect your prints and improve their longevity
  3. Apply any finish you want to your Aqueous Allure print

That’s right, in addition to improving the already stellar clarity and longevity of Allure, Quartz gives you the ability to apply a gloss, matte, or luster finish to your print.

With Quartz, you have more control than ever over how your prints will represent your images.

So let’s get into how it works. (Hint: It’s pretty darn easy.)


Quartz Laminate Film

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