“Coming from a traditional darkroom background, one of my biggest challenges with digital printing was finding a paper that looked and felt like a traditional print. Even with the higher quality inkjet machines, the missing link was the paper. Then I discovered Hahnemühle! The paper has given me the ability to make photographs again and I can push and manipulate the image digitally with full confidence that the paper I ‘m printing on will shine and withstand the test of time. I recently presented some photos to a board member of a major American photography museum who took quite some convincing that the prints were not made in a darkroom. Thank you, Hahnemühle”.

Mark Mann (USA)

“My favourite paper Photo Rag Ultra Smooth is a real joy for the eyes and a pleasure for the senses.”

Nik Barte (Italy)

“I tried working on many canvases but i have never liked any of them except Hahnemühle because of its durability and ability to absorb water and colour without any changes in the canvas nature or coating! Not to mention its response to rich colours and deep blacks. I personally admire German technology and engineering and that’s why I trust German products. I started to use Hahnemühle canvas for my reproduced prints and Hahnemühle FineArt paper to produce limited edition prints of my originals. Working on a printed canvas gives more value to the reproduced artwork, especially when I add gold leafing and heavy textured acrylics. It makes a great texture feel and I call it special edition mixed media print. It adds a human touch to the print and makes each piece a unique work of art.”

Helen Abbas (Dubai)

“I like the brilliance of the colours and the velvety surface. The material comes vey close to the drawing board that I use for ink drawing. At present, I mainly print on German Etching and William Turner papers. What I like about them is the textured surface and the sturdy feel of the paper. It is true that one does not handle the printed material continuously, but it is very pleasant to the touch and also gives it a feeling of quality.”

Thomas Steffens (Germany)